The fastest and most effective mobile device sanitiser available

Improve hygiene and peace of mind with Cleanslate UV

Effective hygiene starts with the devices in our hands

Ideal for healthcare facilities, airports, and other public venues, the CleanV Cleanslate UV device combines science with simplicity, using UV light to reduce germs on mobile devices.

A simple, effective & proven solution for better hygiene

Take a look at how CleanV Cleanslate UV works

1. Insert device(s)

2. Close lid

3. Wait 20 seconds

4. Remove with clean hands

Why CleanV Cleanslate UV?

Rapid, 20-second cycle

Rapid 360º UV sanitisation has been proven to kill at least 99.999% of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Touch-free device removal

CleanV CleanSlate UV enables proper hand hygiene so you can avoid recontamination and improve infection control.

Works on a range of devices

Quickly sanitise smartphones, tablets, badges and other non-medical devices.

Safe, chemical-free solution

No corrosive chemicals interact with expensive touchscreens.

Automatic compliance tracking

Facility-owned devices can be tracked via tagging and our cloud compliance solution.

Hospital-grade efficacy testing

We are confident this is the best mobile device sanitisation solution you will find.

Easy to use

No training required! Almost anyone can operate this simple UV sanitiser.


We offer a range of affordable pricing solutions.

Flexible Pricing Options

A simple, effective UV sanitizing solution

The Cleanslate UV solution improves mobile device hygiene in seconds

Did you know people touch their phones 2,617 times per day on average? Experts estimate that these devices generally host 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats. In today’s world, it’s easy to understand why this is cause for concern. CleanV CleanSlate UV solves the problem of dirty devices so your premises can meet and exceed infection control standards.

Fastest Mobile Device Sanitiser in Australia

Healthcare & Aged Care

Improve hygiene at your facility with chemical-free device sanitisation.

Fastest Mobile Device Sanitiser in Australia


Ensure shared devices remain free from harmful bacteria.

Fastest Mobile Device Sanitiser in Australia


Give your staff and your guests better peace of mind about health and hygiene.

Fastest Mobile Device Sanitiser in Australia

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Member Stories

Thank you for working so hard to acquire a UV Sanitization machine for our us. Our team is loving it already, and we are already seeing an increase in efficiency when cleaning the iPads. Your work has made a huge…
Katie M
Ops Lead
This solution has been wonderfully received. It is easy to use, and it has quickly become a part of our staff routine.
Denise Kearney
Infection Control Professional
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