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Intelligent Sanitising Products in Australia
In-store customer and employee experience has a new meaning in today’s world

While most shoppers and consumers eagerly anticipate the experience of shopping and what we know as retail therapy, where someone ventures out depends on how safe they feel once they arrive.

The experience of a brand extends past the aura of creativity and the power of brand recognition, today there is an additional layer, shopping without the fear of contamination and germs. Shoppers and staff need to know you’re doing your best to reduce the transmission of viruses in high touch environments.

CleanV is a simple, fast and effective way to kill germs on customer’s phones while they sanitise their hands. Offering CleanV to shoppers assures them that enhanced hygiene measures are in place. It boosts confidence and elevates the way a shopper and staff member feel about your brand.

With a core technology trusted by facilities around the world, CleanV is easy to use and takes only 20 seconds. Such little time, for such a large impact.

Enhancing the Retail Experience
A Sleek, Customer Friendly Design

Simply insert devices, close the lid, and wait for the cycle to finish.

Flexible Placement in Stores

From store entrances to fitting rooms, CleanV is designed for high traffic areas and can be mounted on a desk or stand accessory.

Create an Experience, Not a Bottleneck

Everyone will want to sanitise their phones, and CleanV can handle it. Sanitize 3-4 phones in just 20 seconds.

Amplify Your Hand Hygiene Efforts

Touch-free device removal and a reminder to wash hands while devices are sanitised ensures that clean hands touch germ-free devices.

Put Staff in Control of Their Hygiene

Provide a fast and easy way for staff to sanitise their hands and their devices before, during and after a shift.

Kill Germs – Not Customers’ Phones

UV-C light will inactivate 99.999% of common superbugs on smartphones without damaging sensitive touchscreens on smartphones without damaging sensitive touchscreens.

How CleanV Can Fit Your Store
Store Entrance

Show customers you care about their safety and wellbeing as they walk in. CleanV devices are perfect for high traffic, public-facing environments.

Place it next to a hand sanitising station to provide a complete one-stop personal hygiene solution.

Point of Sale Areas

Give staff and customers alike a quick and easy way to sanitise mobile debit machines, radios, phones and other devices to ensure frequently touched items are clean.

Stock Rooms & Office Areas

Invest in improving staff and visitor experiences. From wireless debit machines to staff phones, CleanV’s large tray can sanitise a range of different devices.

How We Support a Premium Experience
Customisable Signage, so Guests Know You’re Keeping Them Safe

We provide standard signage to highlight your deployment and encourage usage.

Facilities can also request editable copies of signage so you can edit to match your branding, logo and include custom instructions.

Device-level Intelligence

CleanV devices track usage, log issues, and ensure that bulbs are always working.

You can access this information to optimise placement, report usage, and plan preventative maintenance so you can focus on keeping guests happy.

We’re Here to Help.

As the leader in device hygiene, our team has the knowledge, resources and passion to help your organisation implement a robust device sanitisation process across your facility.

Book a free demonstration to see how CleanV rapidly sanitises devices and helps prevent the spread of infection.

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