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Not All Sanitizers Are Created Equal

Learn what makes CleanSlate UV the simplest, fastest and most effective solution available.


We Started With Science

Device Sanitization Technology in Australia

UV-C Germicidal Light

A powerful chemical-free technology trusted in healthcare for over 30 years, UV light won’t damage sensitive touchscreens.

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360º Device Sanitization

UV light works by line-of-sight. We use a patented chamber, proprietary materials and special optics to ensure that every part of a device is sanitized, even with multiple devices inserted.

We Kept It Simple

No Training Required for Use

Instructions are straightforward with lots of visuals, so staff, customers and visitors can easily sanitize their devices within seconds.

Hand & Device Hygiene – Together

Clean hands should touch germ-free devices, so we designed our system to include touch-free device removal and remind users to wash or sanitize their hands.

Fastest Mobile Device Sanitiser in Australia

Fast and Flexible


20 Seconds + Multiple Devices

Whether you’re in a hospital or a hotel lobby, speed is everything. CleanSlate UV can sanitize twice as many devices per hour as the nearest competitor, so you need fewer sanitizers.


Deploy Where Needed

With flexible deployment options and a stand accessory, CleanSlate UV can be placed where it works best for your organization. From hotel lobbies to ICU staff rooms, CleanSlate UV is a good fit.