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Discover Cleanslate UV

CleanV CleanSlate UV is dedicated to bringing Australians the next generation of intelligent sanitising solutions.

The CleanV story

The average smartphone has 18 times the bacteria of a public toilet. We wash our hands, and then immediately touch these mobile Petri dishes. Cleanslate UV was founded in 2014 to tackle this problem and reduce the spread of communicable diseases. We are a venture-backed biosafety company that has grown to become the market leader in professional device disinfection.

In 2020, the need for our devices became far more evident. The CleanV Cleanslate UV solution is now distributed to public and privately operated venues around the world. Every team member at CleanV is focused on one thing: providing value to customers by ensuring mobile devices can be effectively sanitised. In order to tackle this problem, we have assembled a team of biomechanical engineers, user interface designers, sales representatives, and more. We have a collective drive to refine, improve and learn. Book a demonstration to see one of the world’s most effective device hygiene solutions.

Why Cleanslate UV?

Rapid, 20-second cycle

Rapid 360º UV sanitisation has been proven to kill at least 99.999% of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Touch-free device removal

CleanV CleanSlate UV enables proper hand hygiene so you can avoid recontamination and improve infection control.

Works on a range of devices

Quickly sanitise smartphones, tablets, badges and other non-medical devices.

Safe, chemical-free solution

No corrosive chemicals interact with expensive touchscreens.

Automatic compliance tracking

Facility-owned devices can be tracked via tagging and our cloud compliance solution.

Hospital-grade efficacy testing

We are confident this is the best mobile device sanitisation solution you will find.

Easy to use

No training required! Almost anyone can operate this simple UV sanitiser.


We offer a range of affordable pricing solutions.

Our Philosophy


To provide products and services that help companies and organisations manage infection prevention

Intelligent Sanitising Solutions in Australia

To source and manage for the Australian environment products and solutions that assist in infection prevention

Intelligent Sanitising Solutions in Australia

Our Values focus on Integrity, discipline and perseverance in supporting our vision and goal of better infection prevention

Intelligent Sanitising Solutions in Australia

Our Team

Darrell Margerison

Darrell Margerison

With a Bachelor of Science and Postgraduate qualifications, Darrell has a long-term history of working in health and aged care.

Darren Iddon

Darren Iddon

Darren is an Experienced Manager and Executive of several Tech and Scientific supply companies.